Goal MOB-4

Goal MOB-4:

South San Francisco’s land use and transportation actions reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and greenhouse gas emissions.


To curb greenhouse gas emissions and support mode shift to transit, active transportation, and carpooling.

Policy MOB-4.1: Increase substantially the proportion of travel using modes other than driving alone.
  • Action MOB-4.1.1: Use site plan review to improve connectivity.

    Use the development review process to identify opportunities to enhance bicycle, pedestrian, and transit connectivity.

  • Action MOB-4.1.2: Expand transit service.

    Continue collaboration with Caltrain, SamTrans, Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), and shuttle providers to scale service levels in growing areas. Consider independently operated transit services to fill regional transit gaps.

  • Action MOB-4.1.3: Leverage employee transit subsidies.

    Leverage private sector subsidies of transit fares to support BART, Caltrain, SamTrans, and Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) ridership.

  • Action MOB-4.1.4: Incorporate first/last-mile connections.

    Incorporate first/last mile bus, shuttle, and active transportation connections between employment hubs and regional transit stations.

Policy MOB-4.2: Embrace innovation.

Prepare the City for changes to transportation technology (such as autonomous vehicles and micromobility) and incorporate such innovations into projects when appropriate and where feasible.