Goal MOB-2

Goal MOB-2:

South San Francisco provides a multimodal network with convenient choices for everyone.


To provide low-cost, low-impact travel options and to focus on moving people rather than cars (Resolution 86-2012).

Policy MOB-2.1: Incorporate complete streets improvements into all roadway and development projects.
  • Action MOB-2.1.1: Complete multimodal design and impact analysis.

    Ensure that roadway and development projects are designed and evaluated to meet the needs of all street users, and that development projects contribute to multimodal improvements in proportion to their potential impacts on vehicle miles traveled.

  • Action MOB-2.1.2: Create multimodal prioritization processes.

    Develop Capital Improvement Program (CIP) prioritization criteria to strategically advance multimodal complete streets projects.

  • Action MOB-2.1.3: Implement Active South City Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.

    All capital improvements and development projects incorporate bicycle and pedestrian improvements identified in the Active South City Plan, such as trails, bikeways, bicycle detection at traffic signals, high-visibility crosswalks, and pedestrian-oriented site plans.

  • Action MOB-2.1.4: Implement transit speed, reliability, and access improvements.

    All capital improvements and development projects near regional transit stations or bus/shuttle routes incorporate improvements to advance speed, reliability, and access, such as in-lane far-side bus stops, bus-only lanes, queue jumps, and pedestrian/bicycle gap closures.

  • Action MOB-2.1.5: Address ADA accessibility.

    Address ADA accessibility gaps in the City’s transportation infrastructure, including at sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks, and bus stops.

  • Action MOB-2.1.6: Pilot an open streets program.

    Create and pilot a car-free, open streets program.

Policy MOB-2.2: Advance more equitable transportation within South San Francisco.
  • Action MOB-2.2.1: Implement Safe Routes to Schools program.

    Collaborate with the South San Francisco Unified School District to implement Safe Routes to Schools programs and improvements, with an emphasis on schools serving equity priority communities.

  • Action MOB-2.2.2: Develop free bus and shuttle service for residents.

    Develop a dedicated funding source or leverage private sector contributions to fund the South City shuttle and free bus service for South San Francisco residents.

  • Action MOB-2.2.3: Incorporate equitable prioritization processes.

    Incorporate equity in identifying and prioritizing Capital Improvement Program (CIP) transportation projects.

Policy MOB-2.3: Interaction between truck routes and bicycle / pedestrian priority streets.

When streets are designated as a truck route and a priority street for bicyclists and pedestrian (either in the General Plan or Active South City Plan), complete a more detailed review and study to prioritize intersections and street design for active mobility and limit truck movements to the designated truck routes.