Goal LU-9

Goal LU-9:

High level of quality in architecture and site design in all renovation and construction of buildings.


To develop safe, attractive, and inviting buildings and sites.

Policy LU-9.1: Create new and update existing design guidelines and development standards.

Create new and update existing design guidelines and development standards, including form-based codes, aspirational design standards, and design guidelines.

  • Action LU-9.1.1: Aspirational design standards.

    Consider creating aspirational design standards, rather than minimum standards, that lead to more successful developments.

  • Action LU-9.1.2: Form-based codes.

    Develop form-based codes for the new mixed use and high-density residential areas proposed in the Lindenville, East of 101 and El Camino Real sub-areas.

  • Action LU-9.1.3: Create location-specific design guidelines.

    Create location-specific design guidelines that help to reinforce the character of a neighborhood, such as the industrial history of Lindenville.

  • Action LU-9.1.4: Periodic review of development procedures.

    Review the city’s design guidelines, development standards and development review procedures on a periodic basis to allow for new and innovative design techniques and evolving technologies.

Policy LU-9.2: Encourage architectural and visual interest in new development.

Encourage distinctive architecture and elements that add visual interest to buildings to enhance people’s perceptions of South San Francisco as an interesting and inviting place.

Policy LU-9.3: Require quality building materials.

Require high-quality, long-lasting building materials on all new development projects in the city.

  • Action LU-9.3.1: Create building materials list.

    Establish a list of preferred and discouraged building materials for different building, walls, and fence types. Consider developing distinctive standards for different zoning classifications, emphasizing durability, aesthetics, and visual continuity in materials and design.

Policy LU-9.4: Require walkable and inviting buildings and spaces.

Require building design that creates walkable and inviting spaces, such as locating parking behind buildings, allowing for outdoor plazas and dining, and locating building frontages in close proximity to the sidewalk edge, where appropriate.

  • Action LU-9.4.1: Develop utility equipment design standards.

    Develop and adopt new standards to minimize the detrimental appearance of accessory utility equipment (transformers, cable cabinets, utility meters, utility lines, etc.) by integrating them into less prominent areas of the site or by screening them with landscaping, artistic features, or architectural materials compatible with the primary structures. Ensure that such facilities are sited so as not to impede pedestrian access.

Policy LU-9.5: Orient buildings to public spaces.

When possible, orient buildings to face streets, public spaces, or shared private spaces.