Goal LU-7

Goal LU-7:

A diverse economy and range of businesses by maintaining, beautifying, and expanding spaces for neighborhood commercial, including retail, restaurants, and small offices.


To nurture and provide opportunity for businesses to succeed in South San Francisco.

Policy LU-7.1: Promote complete neighborhoods.

Promote new commercial uses and revitalize existing commercial areas in locations that provide convenient access to a range of goods and services.

Policy: LU-7.2 Concentrate neighborhood-serving commercial.

Allow existing strip commercial corridors like El Camino Real to intensify with standalone residential uses and concentrate neighborhood-serving commercial uses into mixed use activity centers.

Policy LU-7.3: Determine incentives to create community facilities.

Determine development incentives to encourage the creation of additional community facilities, including early childhood education, community space, artist space, and workforce training centers. Potential incentives could include not counting such uses towards floor area ratio maximums, providing density bonuses, and similar provisions

Policy LU-7.4: Intensify low-density strip commercial and shopping centers.

Intensify low-density strip commercial and shopping centers into mixed use activity centers that are accessible to transit options.

Policy LU-7.5: Foster pedestrian and bicycle access in neighborhood commercial development.

Require new commercial development to foster pedestrian and bicycle access by minimizing building setbacks from the sidewalk, providing safe, accessible pedestrian connections, and creating secure and convenient bike storage.

Policy LU-7.6: Support business upkeep and maintenance.

Develop programs to support building upkeep and maintenance and formalized partnerships with business associations.

  • Action LU-7.6.1: Develop programs related to building upkeep and maintenance.

    Develop programs to support building upkeep and maintenance, signage, and façade improvements for neighborhood commercial and small businesses.

  • Action LU-7.6.2: Formalize business associations.

    Formalize several local business associations to better coordinate with SSF Chamber of Commerce in addressing neighborhood or district-specific challenges.

Policy LU-7.7: Affordable spaces for emerging businesses.

Support affordable and flexible commercial and industrial building space for new and emerging businesses.

Policy LU-7.8: Allow Mobile Vendors.

Encourage pop-up stores and cafes to be located in public and private spaces that are empty or underutilized to create an amenities-rich environment that attracts residents and visitors

  • Action LU-7.8.1: Create standards for mobile food markets.

    Support greater street life by allowing food vendor markets at centrally located spots.