Goal LU-6

Goal LU-6:

Opportunities for industrial uses to thrive in Lindenville and East of 101.


To preserve industrial uses in South San Francisco and ensure they do not create negative environmental impacts.

Policy LU-6.1: Preserve industrial uses in areas designated Mixed Industrial High.

Prohibit the introduction of new residential, commercial, and other non-residential uses in areas designated as Mixed Industrial High to preserve land for industrial uses.

Policy LU-6.2: Prohibit incompatible use encroachment.

Prohibit additional encroachment of incompatible uses into industrial areas in Lindenville and East of 101, except where residential growth is planned.

Policy LU-6.3: Encourage redevelopment of older or marginal industrial areas.

Encourage the redevelopment of existing older or marginal industrial areas with new, Mixed Industrial High areas. Facilitate creative and innovative building and space design to support emerging industrial uses.

  • Action LU-6.3.1: Encourage property assemblage and master planning.

    Encourage the assemblage of adjacent parcels by providing greater development incentives for master planned redevelopment of specific locations than would be available for development on a parcel-by-parcel basis.

  • Action LU-6.3.2: Provide density bonuses for assembled parcels.

    Develop density bonus program for assembled parcels and/or master planned parcels of former industrial uses or commercial transitioning to residential uses.

Policy LU-6.4: Monitor Industrial land availability.

Monitor the availability of industrial land and building square footage.

Policy LU-6.5: Preserve production, distribution, service, and repair (PDR) businesses.

Preserve production, distribution, and repair (PDR) businesses in South San Francisco.

  • Action LU-6.5.1: Establish flexible development standards for industrial uses.

    Establish flexible development standards (including FAR) that allow industrial uses to make building improvements and change with market conditions.

Policy LU-6.6: Encourage non-polluting industries.

Encourage development of non-polluting industries that are not major sources of air, water, or noise pollution.

  • Action LU-6.6.1: Cleanup of Hazardous sites.

    Seek funding to finance cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated sites.

Policy LU-6.7: Provide efficient permitting of industrial uses.

Continue to provide efficient permitting and transparent development processes to ensure City government is friendly to industrial development.

  • Action LU-6.7.1: Online permitting.

    Seek efficiencies to make development permitting as simple and efficient as possible, including incorporating online permitting.

  • Action LU-6.7.2: Streamline permitting for specific uses.

    Identify industrial uses that benefit from proximity to the airport and life sciences cluster and create streamlined permitting to attract such uses.

Policy LU-6.8: Maintain industrial circulation in Lindenville and East of 101 while expanding active transportation and TDM.

As residential and mixed uses are added to Lindenville and East of 101, maintain vehicular infrastructure and improve circulation to accommodate complete street improvements along with vehicular transportation needs for industrial land uses, including logistics and warehousing land uses, supporting TDM and minimizing conflicts with new uses.

Policy LU-6.9: Goods movement in Lindenville and East of 101

Maintain an up-to-date truck routes map that minimizes exposures to sensitive land uses. Manage truck idling in new residential neighborhoods in Lindenville and East of 101.