Goal LU-4

Goal LU-4:

High-quality residential neighborhoods.


To promote residential neighborhoods designed for a high quality of life for neighborhood residents and visitors.

Policy LU-4.1: Implement objective design standards.

Adopt and implement objective design standards to manage new low-density development.

Policy LU-4.2: Encourage small-scale residential infill development.

Encourage small-scale residential infill development in existing residential neighborhoods.

  • Action LU-4.2.1: Create preapproved accessory dwelling unit (ADU) plans.

    Preapprove ADU plans from ADU vendors to expedite ADU permit processing.

  • Policy LU-4.3: Promote complete neighborhoods by allowing some commercial uses in residential neighborhoods.

    Locate new commercial uses in existing residential neighborhoods on connector and boulevard street types and/or at key neighborhood street intersections to promote complete neighborhoods. Encourage and support home businesses.

  • Policy LU-4.4: Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity in residential neighborhoods.

    Link existing residential neighborhoods by providing convenient pedestrian and bicycle connections to nearby destinations, such as parks, public facilities, and shopping centers.

  • Policy LU-4.5: Neighborhood compatibility.

    Require new development to be compatible and well-integrated with existing residential neighborhoods.

  • Policy LU-4.6: Develop neighborhood design guidelines.

    As appropriate, develop design guidelines for residential neighborhoods in South San Francisco to promote high-quality design.

  • Policy LU-4.7: Support neighborhood associations.

    Support neighborhood associations throughout South San Francisco to facilitate community building and neighborhood identity.

  • Policy LU-4.8: Promote maintenance and improvement of property through code enforcement.

    Promote maintenance and improvement of property through code enforcement to encourage investment and reinvestment in neighborhoods.

  • Policy LU-4.9: Encourage amenity space for physical activity / healthy living in multifamily development.

    Encourage new multifamily development to provide amenity space (gyms, active spaces, outdoor open space, flex working spaces, etc.) which promote physical activity and healthy living options.

  • Policy LU-4.10: Encourage walkable connections in multifamily development.

    Encourage new multifamily developers to provide convenient, walkable connections to nearby trails, transit, and open space to promote active lifestyles.

  • Policy LU-4.11: Encourage neighborhood compatible uses.

    Encourage compatible uses like schools, parks, recreation and community centers, childcare facilities, and residential neighborhoods.