Goal LU-3


A diverse range of housing options that create equitable opportunity for people of all ages, races/ethnicities, abilities, socio-economic status, genders, and family types to live in South San Francisco.


To foster a diverse community of South San Francisco residents. To create housing opportunity for everyone, regardless of income level, to live in South San Francisco.

Policy LU-3.1: Create affordable and workforce housing.

Actively facilitate adding affordable and workforce housing in all South San Francisco neighborhoods equitably.

  • Action LU-3.1.1: Coordinate with SSFUSD regarding housing on closed school sites.

    Work with the South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD) to study the potential of developing housing and community services, such as childcare, on closed school sites, including the former Foxridge school site.

  • Action LU-3.1.2: Allow housing on sites with institutional uses.

    Revise the Zoning Ordinance to allow housing development on sites used for institutional purposes, such as educational facilities and churches.

  • Action LU-3.1.3: Develop workforce housing program.

    Partner employment growth with residential development through partnerships with large employers, density bonuses, height bonuses, transfer of development rights, and other similar incentives.

Policy LU-3.2: Update zoning to be in compliance with State housing law.

Continually update the Zoning Ordinance to be in compliance with State housing law.

Policy: LU-3.3 Encourage diversity of housing types and sizes.

Encourage a variety of housing types to be developed at a range of densities to equitably serve varying household types, including, but not limited to, single-family attached and detached, accessory dwelling units, studio and microunits, multifamily apartments, townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, and condominiums.

Policy LU-3.4: Facilitate multi-generational housing.

Encourage development of housing types that support multi-generational households and opportunities to age in place.

Policy LU-3.5: Facilitate live/work housing.

Provide opportunities for live/work options to support a creative economy and meet the changing needs of workspaces.

Policy LU-3.6: Facilitate housing for all needs.

Facilitate housing for seniors, special needs groups, including the developmentally disabled, and non-traditional family groups by requiring a diverse range of housing configurations that are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and flexible.

Policy LU-3.7: No net loss in housing.

Require no net loss in the number of residential units during reconstruction or renovation.

Policy LU-3.8: Implement Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and State Density Bonus.

Continue to implement the City’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and State Density Bonus to encourage development of housing affordable to low-income households.

Policy LU-3.9: Incentivize and preserve affordable housing and develop models to expand homeownership.

Develop regulatory mechanisms via the Zoning Ordinance, Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, and community benefits agreements to incentivize development of affordable housing, including workforce housing, and develop programming to preserve affordable housing and expand homeownership.

  • Action LU-3.9.1: Encourage preservation and upkeep of naturally-occurring affordable housing.

    Study and implement programming and regulations to encourage preservation and upkeep of existing naturally-occurring affordable housing (NOAH), such as rental protections for residents in NOAH units.

  • Action LU-3.9.2: Explore equity homeownership models.

    Explore expanded use of shared equity homeownership models, including a community land trust, to increase home ownership.

Policy LU-3.10: Existing home retrofit for age-friendly design.

Simplify the process to retrofit homes so people can stay in their homes safely and comfortably.

Policy LU-3.11: Affordable housing for older adults.

Support affordable housing opportunities for older adults and their caregivers.