Goal ES-7

Goal ES-7:

The City increases stormwater infiltration and reduces the amount of pollutants entering the stormwater system.


To promote the equitable distribution of green infrastructure in South San Francisco to improve human and watershed health, San Francisco Bay fisheries, and wildlife habitat, and to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. To couple with policies and implementation actions related to the urban forest, which filters pollutants, stores water in canopy, and helps keep stormwater flow rates manageable.

Policy ES-7.1: Develop and implement comprehensive watershed management strategy.

Partner with regional and local agencies to develop a comprehensive watershed management strategy that identifies programs, partnerships, actions, and incentives that the City and partners can take to protect the city’s water resources and aquatic areas. Collaborate with regional agencies and neighboring jurisdictions to manage stormwater, reduce impervious surfaces, and improve water quality in the Colma Creek watershed.

Policy ES-7.2: Integrate green infrastructure in City projects.

Integrate green infrastructure strategies into cityowned landscapes to improve water quality and reduce the need to irrigate landscapes. 

  • Action ES-7.2.1: Implement the Green Infrastructure Plan.

    Implement the City’s Green Infrastructure Plan.

  • Action ES-7.2.2: Identify opportunities to implement green Infrastructure in parks and open space.

    Identify opportunities for nearby parks and open spaces to support water management with stormwater infrastructure

Policy ES-7.3: Require stormwater management practices for new and redevelopment projects.

Continue to require new development and redevelopment projects to meet federal, state, regional, and local stormwater requirements, including site design, stormwater treatment, stormwater infiltration, peak flow reduction, and trash capture.

Policy ES-7.4: Encourage pervious surfaces.

Encourage pervious surfaces in new developments. 

For related policies and implementation actions related to urban forestry, see Goal ES-4.