Goal ES-6

Goal ES-6:

Threatened and endangered wildlife and plant species thrive in South San Francisco.


To maintain inventories of, assess the impacts of new development on, and build community collaborations that support endangered wildlife and plant species, as well as ecologically sensitive habitats.

Policy ES-6.1: Catalog wildlife and plant inventories.

Continue to catalog and update information on threatened and endangered species in the review of project proposals.

Policy ES-6.2: Conduct wildlife and plant assessments for new development.

Require assessments for new developments in areas that could impact threatened or endangered species.

Policy ES-6.3: Conduct site-specific assessments for new development in ecologically sensitive habitat areas.

On a parcel-by-parcel basis, require that permit applications for projects located within ecologically sensitive habitat areas, prepare site-specific biological assessments for review and approval by City Planning staff, and incorporation of the recommended measures during construction to protect ecologically sensitive habitat areas.

Policy ES-6.4: Manage and conserve natural areas at risk.

Actively manage natural areas and landscapes threatened by human intervention and invasive species.