Goal ES-4

Goal ES-4:

An abundant, robust urban forest that contributes to South San Francisco’s quality of life as it combats the effects of climate change.


To enhance South San Francisco’s environmental quality and the mental and physical health of its residents, while bringing significant economic benefits through increased property values. To make the city more resilient to the impacts of climate change and provide habitat for wildlife.

Policy ES-4.1: Expand tree canopy cover.

Expand canopy coverage to increase environmental benefits, prioritizing disadvantaged communities and connected wildlife corridors.

  • Action ES-4.1.1: Implement Urban Forest Plan:

    Implement the City’s Urban Forest Plan.

Policy ES-4.2: Avoid tree removal.

Avoid removing trees whenever possible. When removals are warranted, replace each removed tree with three new trees.

Policy ES-4.3: Support the staged succession of tree planting.

Plan in advance to remove and replant trees to guide tree planting priorities and help shape the character of the city.

Policy ES-4.4: Plan for tree planting to promote tree health.

Plan for trees before planting to promote the health and longevity of individual trees, reduce mortality/tree removals, and improve habitat for wildlife. Establish a design standard for minimum soil depth to facilitate robust tree growth.

Policy ES-4.5: Promote good tree maintenance.

Promote good maintenance practices for trees on private property by educating the public about tree care and certified professional tree workers.

Policy ES-4.6: Support education and engagement about the urban forest.

Increase support for the enhancement of the urban forest through forestry programing, information distribution, and advocacy groups.

Policy ES-4.7: Enforce the Tree Preservation Ordinance.

Increase communication with code enforcement to increase enforcement of tree preservation ordinance. Consider adjustments to the code and fine structure to improve Ordinance implementation.

Policy ES-4.8: Maintain and update the tree inventory.

Maintain and regularly update the City’s tree inventory every five years.

Policy ES-4.9: Choose native, climate-adaptive trees.

Continue to choose species that are better suited to the local, changing climate.

Policy ES-4.10: Use regenerative design practices.

Restore the environment and encourage long-term sustainability, increased biodiversity, and enhanced resilience.