Goal ES-2

Goal ES-2:

South San Francisco is a steward of the San Francisco Bay and its habitat. 


To protect the San Francisco Bay and expand habitat through development standards and bird safe design.

Policy ES-2.1: Protect marsh and wetland habitat.

Protect and expand existing marsh and wetland habitat to improve water quality, adapt to climate change, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Policy ES-2.2: Maintain development standards adjacent to the San Francisco Bay to support habitat.

Maintain standards and guidelines for new construction within 150 feet of San Francisco Bay that support the health of the Bay. This policy includes: 

  • Requiring no net new impervious areas.
  • Maintaining (or increasing) building setbacks to support habitat areas and adaptation.
  • Requiring new construction to construct bioswales or similar features to treat runoff before it enters the Bay.
  • Requiring low intensity lighting to reduce the amount of light reaching sensitive habitat. 
  • Using a planting palette consisting of native species and species that provide valuable resources for native wildlife; and 
  • Requiring an assessment as part of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process to consider wildlife impacts before project approval to continue to protect special status of species.
  • Action ES-2.2.1: Require bird safe design East of 101.

    Develop a bird safe design ordinance to minimize the adverse effects on native and migratory birds and require new development East of 101 to incorporate design measures.