Goal ES-11

Goal ES-11:

South San Francisco protects sites, features, places, or objects that are of cultural value to one or more California Native American Tribes.


To help protect and educate the community about South San Francisco’s cultural resources for the contributions they make to the city’s history, culture, and identity.

Policy ES-11.1: Identification of tribal cultural resources.

Encourage the identification, preservation, and protection of Tribal Cultural Resources, traditional cultural landscapes, sacred sites, places, features, and objects, including historic or prehistoric ruins, burial grounds, cemeteries, and ceremonial sites in consultation or coordination with the appropriate Native America tribe(s), and ensure appropriate treatment of Native American and other human remains discovered during project construction.

Policy ES-11.2: Include history of Native American peoples in Colma Creek transformation.

Include the history of Native American peoples and cultural resources as part of the transformation of Colma Creek.

Policy ES-11.3: Conduct tribal consultation during development review.

Consult with local Native American tribes to identify, evaluate, and appropriately address tribal cultural resources and tribal sacred sites through the development review process.