Goal ECS-7

Goal ECS-7:

South San Francisco public libraries serve as centralized hubs for educational and social services.


To increase utilization of educational and social services, particularly by low-income residents and residents of color.

Policy ECS-7.1: Ensure adequate library services, staffing, and facilities.

Ensure adequate library services, staffing, and facilities are maintained for all residents

Policy ECS-7.2: Promote libraries as community hubs.

Promote the library as a community hub for culturally and linguistically competent educational and social services.

Policy ECS-7.3: Promote literacy programs.

Provide inclusive programming, technological resources, and services at libraries to promote literacy and support educational outcomes of K-12 students.

Policy ECS-7.4: Sustain diversity in library collections.

Maintain library collections that reflect the languages, cultures, and ethnicities found in the South San Francisco community.

Policy ECS-7.5: Expand outreach about diverse authors.

Expand programs that connect residents not currently visiting the libraries to book selections of diverse authors (e.g., summer reading program).

Policy ECS-7.6: Provide navigation of City programs.

Partner with the City’s community navigators and promotores to provide residents with access to information about City, County, and non-profit programs and resources.

Policy ECS-7.7: Conduct regular evaluation of library services.

Develop customer service surveys to use to evaluate library programs and events.