Goal ECS-6

Goal ECS-6:

South San Francisco promotes community safety and a sense of belonging for all residents.


To increase trust and community dialogue between public safety departments and communities of color.

Policy ECS-6.1: Improve public safety.

Seek to improve public safety, especially for communities of color.

  • Action ECS-6.1.1: Maintain community fire stations.

    Maintain equitable distribution of Fire Stations so that each neighborhood is equally and adequately served.

  • Action ECS-6.1.2: Establish Community Safety and Equity Advisory Board.

    Establish a Community Safety and Equity Advisory Board to review data, provide recommendations, and build trust. The Board may make recommendations related to public safety or to any equity issue throughout City departments and programs.

  • Action ECS-6.1.3: Strengthen community cohesion through engagement with Police and Fire.

    Strengthen community cohesion through community engagement efforts to build cross-cultural trust between the Police and Fire Departments and residents of color and low-income residents.

For related implementation actions related to public safety, see Policy CHEJ-1.2.

Policy ECS-6.2 Develop and expand diversion programs.

Identify and implement resources, programs, and partnerships to successfully support diversion and reentry efforts for justice-involved youth and young adults. 

Policy ECS-6.3: Develop partnerships for referrals.

Continue to develop and partner with community-based organizations, the County, and neighboring jurisdictions to develop referral services and harm-reduction systems that facilitate access to resources and economic opportunities.

Policy ECS-6.4: Support reentry and restorative justice programs.

Encourage and support efforts that foster an inclusive community and help reintegrate formerly incarcerated persons into positions of employment and positive roles in the community (including working with local employers).

Policy ECS-6.5: Enhance programs for unhoused population.

Build on and enhance existing strategies and planning for addressing the unhoused population, including prevention, services, access to mental health services, and necessary facilities.

Policy ECS-6.6: Minimize surveillance.

Minimize surveillance and ensure security of resident data in the transition towards building a smart city and implementing innovative technologies. 

Policy ECS-6.7: Coordinate public safety programs.

Coordinate with local partners, including schools, neighborhood groups, and community-based organizations, to encourage community-based crime prevention efforts.

Policy ECS-6.8: Report public safety data.

Collect and report demographic and socio-economic data with citation and arrest data.