Goal ECS-4

Goal ECS-4:

South San Francisco provides well-maintained and sustainable facilities to meet the needs of current and future residents.


To ensure that the community is provided with facilities that meet its diverse needs and interests.

Policy ECS-4.1: Sustain facility maintenance staffing targets.

Strive to achieve a ratio of 1.0 full time equivalent custodian (porter) per 25,000 square feet and 1 full time equivalent maintenance staff person (for repairs and system maintenance) per 50,000 square feet of building area to ensure every neighborhood is well-served, especially disadvantaged communities.

Policy: ECS-4.2: Maintain existing and future city facilities.

Fund adequate resources to maintain existing and future facilities, especially in disadvantaged communities. Continue to reinvest in existing facilities to extend their useful lifetimes.

Policy ECS-4.3: Identify reductions to long term operations and maintenance costs.

Identify ways to reduce the City’s long-term operations and maintenance costs, such as adapting more energy efficient technologies for facilities, using low water landscape palettes, and using recycled water for irrigation. Reinvest these future savings into additional equitable community services.

Policy ECS-4.4: Integrate sustainable landscape strategies.

Integrate sustainability strategies into City‐owned landscapes to improve water quality, reduce the need to irrigate landscapes, and lower water costs.

Policy ECS-4.5: Activate City facilities.

Seek to activate City-owned facilities with educational, recreational, and community-building programs as much of the day as possible to best serve residents across the City, and especially low-income households.

For related policies and implementation actions related to public facilities and recreation, see Goal PR-8, PR-9, PR-10, and PR-11.