Goal ECS-2

Goal ECS-2:

South San Francisco is a leader in incorporating equity considerations into policies, programs, and procedures.


To advance equity within City systems and processes.

Policy ECS-2.1: Increase internal capacity for equity.

Increase the City’s internal organizational capacity to advance racial and social equity.

  • Action ECS-2.1.1: Maintain dedicated staff for equity and inclusion.

    Maintain a dedicated staff position (e.g., an Equity and Inclusion Officer) to institutionalize accountability, advance equity initiatives, and monitor equity-related outcomes throughout South San Francisco.

  • Action ECS-2.1.2: Join a national race and equity network membership.

    Join the Government Alliance on Race and Equity or a similar national network, such as the Living Cities “Closing the Gaps” network.

  • Action ECS-2.1.3: Partner regionally to support equity priorities.

    Work closely with other jurisdictions in San Mateo County and throughout the Bay Area to build capacity on racial and social equity, and to advance regional equity priorities.

  • Action ECS-2.1.4: Create equity trainings for City staff.

    Create equity trainings and require that City staff from all departments take part in capacity building trainings to equip them to understand and apply an equity lens in their day-to-day work.

Policy ECS-2.2:  Implement programs and procedures to advance racial and social equity.
  • Action ECS-2.2.1: Implement Racial and Social Equity Action Plan.

    Implement the 2021 South San Francisco Racial and Social Equity Action Plan.

  • Action ECS-2.2.2: Develop standardized reporting.

    Develop a standardized approach to tracking data to address racial and social inequities. 

Policy ECS-2.3: Conduct equity assessment for policies and ordinances.

Conduct a racial equity impact assessment for policies and ordinances that the City Council is considering in a timely manner.

Policy ECS-2.4: Institutionalize equity in departmental operations.

Institutionalize equity by all City department leads working with the Equity and Inclusion Officer in identifying opportunities to increase racial and social equity in internal and external practices, programs, and policies. 

Policy ECS-2.5: Provide inclusive communications.

Reflect the languages, cultures, and ethnicities found in the South San Francisco community in promotional materials and library collections.

Policy ECS-2.6: Reduce documentation for services.

Minimize the documentation required to access supportive services (e.g., driver’s license, lease, pay stubs) to reduce barriers to seeking and utilizing services, including eliminating requirements whenever possible.