Goal CR-6

Goal CR-6:

A City prepared for the combined impacts of extreme heat and poor air quality.


To reduce the likelihood of harmful impacts from extreme heat and poor air quality.

Policy CR-6.1: Support resilient building design.

Support resilient building design by helping residents weatherize homes to keep them cooler and more energy efficient and to improve indoor air quality.

  • Action CR-6.1.1: Review and update funding programs for resilient building design.

    Review and update existing funding programs, such as the Property-Assessed Clean Energy program to promote climate-resilient design and retrofits.

  • Action CR-6.1.1: Create a community engagement for weatherization programs.

    Develop a targeted outreach regarding weatherization assistance program for low-income households.

Policy CR-6.2: Maintain clear and high-quality hazard communications.

Inform residents and businesses about hazards.

  • Action CR-6.2.1: Develop an early warning systems for heat and air quality.

    Develop early warning systems for heat and air quality alerts, in multiple languages and through culturally relevant media.

  • Action CR-6.2.2: Work with utilities to prevent shutoff during extreme events.

    Work with Pacific Gas & Electric and Peninsula Clean Energy to prevent utility shutoff during extreme heat events.

Policy CR-6.3: Reduce heat island impacts through adaption strategies.

Reduce the heat island effect by implementing a variety of adaptation solutions.

  • Action CR-6.3.1: Identify heat island priority areas.

    Identify areas of greatest risk of urban heat island effect and target resources in these areas, including tree planting, cool roofs, and installation of cool pavement.

Policy CR-6.4: Maintain adequate cooling and warming centers.

Review, update, and maintain facilities that can be used as refuge during excessive heat and cold days.

  • Action CR-6.4.1: Prepare a cooling and warming centers distribution plan.

    Maintain the capability to operated cooling and warming centers equitably throughout the city when needed.

Policy CR-6.5: Coordinate transportation system with air quality improvements.

Promote a transportation system coordinated with air quality improvements. For related policies and implementation actions related to environmental justice and air quality, see Goal CHEJ-3. For related policies and implementation actions related to urban forestry, see Goal ES-4.