Goal CR-5

Goal CR-5:

The City minimizes the risk to life and property from wildfire in South San Francisco.


To encourage planning and design strategies that mitigates wildfire risk.

Policy CR-5.1: Implement Sign Hill wildfire mitigation measures.

Continue to implement Sign Hill wildfire mitigation measures (i.e., restoration and maintenance of native grass and scrubland habitat, removal of non-native trees and trees killed in October 2020 fire, removal of dead trees due to drought and disease and maintenance of existing trails to function as fire breaks).

Policy CR-5.2: Maintain a comprehensive fire management program.

Maintain a comprehensive fire hazard management program to reduce fire hazards on other public lands.

Policy CR-5.3: Expand access to evacuation and early warning technology for wildfire.

Increase community participation and understanding of evacuation and early warning software programs to minimize threat to life and be better prepared in case of a wildfire event.

Policy CR-5.4: Maintain adequate emergency response resources.

Continue to train and coordinate emergency response to wildfire emergencies with neighboring fire agencies and State wildfire resources. Continue to acquire and maintain adequate vehicles and equipment to respond to wildfire incidents throughout the city.