Goal CR-3

Goal CR-3:

A transformed Colma Creek.


To improve Colma Creek through a comprehensive strategy that mitigates flooding and sea level rise, restores native ecologies, and increases access to and along the creek.

Policy CR-3.1: Develop Colma Creek adaptation solutions.

Continue to work with San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District on developing and implementing adaptation options for Colma Creek. Restore creek ecologies and create transitional habitat zones to build resilience and ecosystem services.

  • Action CR-3.1.1: Implement Colma Creek adaptation pilot.

    Develop a program to work with public and private landowners to decrease the risk of flooding by implementing engineered and nature-based shoreline protection projects in coordination with watershed management projects that reduce and/or store runoff during rainfall events and improve the condition of the flood plain.

  • For related policies and implementation actions related to Colma Creek resilience, see Goal ES-3.