Goal CP-7

Goal CP-7:

The City increases carbon sequestration in public lands, in open spaces, and in the urban forest through marsh enhancement and tree planting.


To sequester carbon through the enhancement of natural systems and provide many quality-of-life and resiliency benefits in addition to emissions reductions.

Policy CP-7.1: Protect and expand wetland habitat.

Protect and expand existing marsh and wetland habitat to improve water quality, adapt to climate change, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Policy CP-7.2: Expand tree canopy cover.

Expand the canopy cover to increase environmental benefits, prioritizing disadvantaged communities and connected wildlife corridors.

Policy CP-7.3: Enhance Colma Creek ecological corridor.

Enhance Colma Creek as an ecological corridor, restoring creek ecologies and creating transitional habitat zones to build resilience and ecosystem services.

Policy CP-7.4: Explore carbon farming.

Explore compost application on available acres of appropriate open space.

For related policies and implementation actions related to urban forests, landscape design and Colma Creek, see Goals ES-3, ES-4, and ES-5.