Goal CP-6

Goal CP-6:

The City continues to divert organics from landfill in accordance with State targets.


To meet the requirements of SB 1383 Short-Lived Climate Pollutants Act and reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to landfilled waste as well as cultivate behavior change around resource consumption.

Policy CP-6.1: Maintain and update Waste Reduction Plan.

Maintain and regularly update the City’s waste reduction plans and programs to ensure consistency with California’s waste reduction goals. 

  • Action CP-6.1.1: Adopt a Zero-waste plan.

    Adopt an SB 1383 compliant zero-waste plan for municipal operations and the community that includes: 

  • Mandatory residential and commercial recycling and collection of organics/food waste.
  • Mandatory commercial edible food recovery program (per MOU with San Mateo County Office of Sustainability).
  • Update trash enclosure space and access requirements based on hauler recommendations to accommodate all waste streams (e.g., recycling, trash, and organics).
  • Action CP-6.1.2: SSF Scavenger partnership.

    Continue to work with SSF Scavenger to ensure implement waste reduction targets.

  • Action CP-6.1.3: Establish waste reduction compliance pathways.

    Establish compliance pathways and enforcement mechanisms for mandatory organics and food waste diversion. 

Policy CP-6.2: Educational outreach about waste diversion.

Develop education and technical assistance programs to help all residents and businesses to compost and recycle.

Policy CP-6.3: Modify waste rate structures.

Explore modifying waste rate structures to encourage efficiency in future franchise agreements.  

Policy CP-6.4: Establish City green purchasing program.

Establish a green purchasing program for City of South San Francisco.