Goal CP-5

Goal CP-5:

Improve the environmental efficiencies and performance of municipal buildings, facilities, landscaping, and parks in South San Francisco.


To promote the environmental health and capture economic co-benefits, the design, construction, and operations of all City-owned buildings and facilities including parks and landscapes to promote leadership in green building and site design practices.

Policy CP-5.1: Require minimum of LEED silver rating or equivalent for new buildings.

Require all new municipal buildings and facilities to meet a minimum LEED silver rating as certified by the US Green Building Council or equivalent green building rating system. Require feasibility studies for zero net energy use, on-site renewable energy generation, and on-site batteries.

Policy CP-5.2: Benchmark environmental performance of municipal buildings and facilities.

Regularly benchmark the environmental performance of municipal buildings, landscaping, parks and facilities. 

Policy CP-5.3: Municipal building retrofits and operational changes.

To reduce operating and maintenance costs, use the benchmarking data to identify opportunities for environmental performance improvements through audits, retro-commissioning, and building retrofits. 

Policy CP-5.4: Require75% waste diversion for municipal construction and demolition projects.

Require municipal construction projects to achieve 75% waste diversion from the landfill. 

Policy CP-5.5: Energy resilience of municipal buildings.

Require municipal building and facility new construction and major renovation projects to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating onsite batteries that store electricity from onsite renewable energy generation to supply the building and community with electricity in the event of a disaster. 

Policy CP-5.6: Electric vehicle chargers at municipal facilities.

Seek opportunities to install additional electric vehicle chargers at suitable public facilities, including Downtown parking structures and community and regional parks.

For related policies and implementation actions related to building and facility maintenance, see Goals ECS-3 and PR-8.