Goal CP-4

Goal CP-4:

The performance of existing buildings in South San Francisco is improved.


To reduce energy and water use in existing buildings, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and utility costs.

Policy CP-4.1: Establish efficiency upgrade programs.

Establish an energy and water efficiency upgrade program for existing buildings, focusing resources on the most disadvantaged communities.

  • Action CP-4.1.1: Energy audits for homes and businesses.

    Work with Peninsula Clean Energy, San Mateo County Energy Upgrade to provide free to low-cost energy audits.

  • Action CP-4.1.2: Adopt Commercial Benchmarking ordinance.

    Adopt energy and water benchmarking ordinance for commercial buildings over 10,000 square feet to empower owners to control utility costs.

  • Action CP-4.1.3: Retrocommissioning partnership.

    Work with PG&E to expand deep retrofit and retrocommissioning programs in South San Francisco.

Policy CP-4.2: Prepare a Building Electrification Plan.

Develop a date certain, phased-in Existing Building Electrification Plan to retrofit existing homes and businesses to all electric.

  • Action CP-4.2.1: Require electric panel upgrade at point of sale.

    Adopt an ordinance that requires electric panel upgrades upon sale and/or rental turnover.

  • Action CP-4.2.2: Adopt Burnout Ordinance.

    Adopt a Burnout Ordinance that requires a gas appliance (e.g., stove or furnace) be replaced with an electric version when it stops working.