Goal CP-2

Goal CP-2:

A resilient and fossil fuel free energy system.


To reduce energy related greenhouse gas emissions as well as improve local air quality and public health.

Policy CP-2.1: Maintain Peninsula Clean Energy membership.

Maintain City membership in Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) and continue to work to maintain a high level of private property owner participation in PCE. 

Policy CP-2.2: Reduce emissions associated with natural gas infrastructure.

Partner with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to develop options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the existing natural gas grid. 

Policy CP-2.3: Develop community solar projects.

Explore the development of community solar projects.

Policy CP-2.4: Install energy resilience infrastructure.

Provide energy resilience via back-up energy systems, microgrids, and other measures that serve the community during emergency events, particularly supporting disadvantaged communities, including considering creating a financial incentive program for existing and new solar/battery backup system installations. 

Policy CP-2.5: Coordinate with Pacific Gas and Electric Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

Work with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to minimize the impacts of Public Safety Power Shutoffs and to prevent utility shutoff during extreme heat events.