Goal CHEJ-7

Goal CHEJ-7:

Low-income households are protected from displacement. 


To ensure existing low-income residents are able to continue to comfortably live in South San Francisco.

Policy CHEJ-7.1: Support residents who are at-risk of being displaced.

Reduce the rate of evictions and support low-income residents who are at-risk of being displaced.

  • Action CHEJ-7.1.1: Provide renter education and assistance.

    Continue to connect low-income residents to city, county, state, and non-profit resources that provide technical, legal, and financial assistance for renters facing eviction.

  • Action CHEJ-7.1.2: Develop anti-displacement plan.

    Develop an anti-displacement plan to halt displacement in the city, particularly in Downtown, Sign Hill, El Camino, and Sunshine Gardens, which may include a rent stabilization policy, just cause-eviction and harassment protections, tenant and landlord mediation programs, right of first refusal, rental assistance, tenant legal counseling, and a rent board to implement the program.

  • Action CHEJ-7.1.3: Create a rental and eviction registry.

    Create a rental and eviction registry to assess rental market and eviction trends.

  • Action CHEJ-7.1.4: Provide housing for people with disabilities.

    Add disability to the existing live-work preference policy to prioritize providing housing to people with disabilities.

Policy CHEJ-7.2: Create pathways for homeownership.

Support low-income residents in securing homeownership and establishing generational wealth in South San Francisco as a pathway to prevent displacement.

  • Action CHEJ-7.2.1: Connect residents to mortgage assistance resources.

    Provide mortgage assistance to help low-income homeowners at risk of foreclosure with financial or counseling support. Provide residents with resources and connections to HEART of San Mateo County, a countywide homeowner assistance program, and other non-profit homeowner assistance programs.

Policy CHEJ-7.3: Encourage resident controlled limited-equity housing.

Encourage resident controlled limited-equity ownership, such as limited-equity condominiums, limited-equity cooperatives, and community land trusts.

Policy CHEJ-7.4: Expand housing funds and programs.

Continue to expand housing funds and ensure residents have access to home repair programs.

Policy CHEJ-7.5: Enforce fair housing laws.

Strictly enforce fair housing laws to protect residents from housing discrimination.

  • Action CHEJ-7.5.1: Provide resident housing rights education.

    Provide education, outreach, and referral services for residents regarding their rights as tenants and buyers.

  • Action CHEJ-7.5.2: Provide landlord housing rights education.

    Provide education and outreach to landlords, property managers, real estate agents, and others on their obligations as they make or manage properties available for housing.