Goal CHEJ-5

Goal CHEJ-5:

Residents of all incomes, ages and abilities have opportunities to lead active lifestyles.


To provide safe and convenient places for physical activity, especially in disadvantaged communities.

Policy CHEJ-5.1: Provide recreational programming to increase physical activity.

Continue to provide City recreational programs that focus on physical activity and that promote active lifestyles.

Policy CHEJ-5.2: Develop partnerships to promote physical activity.

Develop public, private, and non-profit partnerships to develop and maintain parks, recreational facilities, and publicly-accessible private open spaces in disadvantaged communities.

Policy CHEJ-5.3: Promote active transportation.

Design neighborhoods that support safe pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit use for residents of all ages by prioritizing safety, implementing complete streets, and providing easy access to play, fitness, and active transportation networks. Prioritize transportation system funding and improvements in disadvantaged communities.

Policy CHEJ-5.4: Access to clean drinking water.

Work with water suppliers to ensure all South San Francisco residents have access to clean, safe drinking water.

For related policies and implementation actions related to transportation safety and safe routes to school, see Goals MOB-1 and MOB-2.