East of 101

Map of General Plan Land Use Designations for East of 101 sub area

East of 101

The East of 101 sub-area covers all parts of the city that lie to the east of Highway 101. By far the largest sub-area geographically, it covers over 1,600 acres, is defined by large parcels, and is bordered by the San Francisco Bay. The area primarily contains employment-generating land uses and includes office, life science and other R&D uses, logistics, food processing, manufacturing, and other industrial uses. Most life science uses are located north of East Grand Avenue, with the Genentech campus being the largest corporate campus in East of 101. At the present, South San Francisco is home to over 200 biotech companies, and there is room for continued expansion of these uses, particularly on infill sites and in planned campus environments, such as Oyster Point. South of East Grand Avenue, there are warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and other industrial land uses that provide a diversity of employment opportunities. As of 2021, no residential zoning exists in this sub-area and there are no housing units or residents, though as part of the General Plan update, there is opportunity to introduce residential uses to East of 101 to create more complete neighborhoods with options for living, working, and recreation.

The General Plan advances the community vision of maintaining districts for R&D and industrial growth, while creating new neighborhoods that allow residential and supportive amenities and services. This vision allows for the growth and continued success of the life sciences as an economic engine for the city. Life science companies may intensify development north of East Grand Avenue, closer to key transportation corridors, in exchange for community benefits and district improvements. By allowing the life sciences area to grow through intensification rather than expanding its geographic area, the General Plan enables transportation, trade, and industrial uses to retain land area and continue to thrive in East of 101. These businesses, primarily to the south of East Grand Avenue, are supported by the City in efforts to adjust to emerging economic conditions and build long-term resilience to sea level rise and flooding.

Building under construction in East of 101 sub-area

The General Plan creates new mixed use neighborhoods along South Airport Boulevard. Providing opportunities for living in East of 101 supports a long-term vision for an innovation district, places more housing near jobs and high-quality transit, and creates opportunity for a range of new housing for different income levels. Along South Airport Boulevard, residents will benefit from streetscape improvements and urban design that create a high-quality public realm along this currently commercial and industrial corridor. The General Plan supports the well-being of new East of 101 residents by providing convenient access to new parks and gathering spaces, neighborhood-serving retail and amenities, and public services.

Vision Statement

East of 101 is a well-connected innovation district with a diverse mix of uses that serves as a model of sustainability, resilience, multimodal mobility, and economic opportunity.

Goal SA-16

Goal SA-16:

A new transit-oriented community in East of 101 with a diverse mix of uses, places, and programming to inspire creativity and social interaction that welcome all South San Francisco residents and visitors


To create an inclusive neighborhood where people of all incomes can live, access transit, and services and amenities.
Policy SA-16.1: Require high-density development near the Caltrain station.
Promote density and a mix of transit-oriented uses adjacent to the Caltrain Station and along South Airport Boulevard, including residential, offices, personal services, retail, recreation, and healthcare.
  • Action SA-16.1.1: Introduce shared district parking.
     Introduce shared, district parking facilities to support visitors and employees. 

Policy SA-16.2: Implement public realm improvements near the Caltrain station.
Implement public realm improvements to improve accessibility to the Caltrain Station, including signage, street trees, landscaping, street furniture, and lighting.
  • Action SA-16.2.1: Develop retail, restaurants, and vendors strategy.
    Develop a retail, restaurant, and mobile vendors strategy to support diverse populations, including residents and workers.

Policy SA-16.3: Create new parks and open spaces in East of 101.
Introduce a new, connected park and open space system that includes: 
  • A public park within a ten-minute walk to any new residential development East of 101.
  • A Colma Creek linear park featuring walking and cycling paths.
  • A recreational greenway between Airport Blvd and Littlefield Ave.
  • A recreational greenway between Forbes Blvd and Oyster Point Blvd that extends into the Genentech Master Plan Area and connects to the San Francisco Bay Trail.
  • Class I pedestrian routes that connect East of 101 with Downtown and Lindenville. 

Policy SA-16.4: Adequate public services and utilities in East of 101.
Coordinate with the South San Francisco Unified School District, utilities, and public services, including the South San Francisco Fire Department and the South San Francisco Police Department, to ensure public services and utilities can accommodate growth impacts of new development in the East of 101 area. 
Policy SA-16.5: Encourage development of hotels near the Caltrain Station.
Encourage development of hotels within walkable distance of the Caltrain Station.
Goal SA-17
Goal SA-18
Goal SA-19
Goal SA-20
Goal SA-21

Other goals related to East of 101 in other Elements include the following:

  • Policy CP-8.3: Recycled water supply.
  • Action CR-1.3.2: Municipal building and facility sea level rise studies.
  • Policy CR-2.2: Types of adaptation solutions.
  • Policy CR-2.3: Green infrastructure to reduce flooding.
  • Policy CR-2.6: Redevelopment in sea level rise inundation zones.
  • Policy CR-2.8: Public and quasi-public partnerships to minimize the impacts of sea level rise.
  • Policy PR-2.6: Plan for new parks in East of 101 and Lindenville. =
  • Policy PR-4.7: Publicly accessible, private open space.
  • Policy LU-1.7: Create new Lindenville and East of 101 mixed use neighborhoods.
  • Goal LU-2: Equitable transit-oriented communities near transit centers, including SamTrans stops and Caltrain and BART stations, that mix high quality development, affordable housing, community services, and improved mobility options.
  • Goal LU-5: South San Francisco remains a hub of R&D employment, operations, and innovation and is home to the largest worldwide cluster of life science uses.
  • Goal LU-6: Opportunities for industrial uses to thrive in Lindenville and East of 101.
  • Action LU-9.1.2: Form-based codes.